What is H.Stern Jewelers?

H.Stern Jewelers, Inc. is the United States affiliate of H.Stern Com. & Ind. S.A.,
a Brazilian company. H.Stern Jewelers, Inc. has executive offices at
645 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022.
The telephone number is: 212-688-0300,
the fax number is: 212-888-5137. 
Whenever we refer to the company "H.Stern" in this Website,
we are referring to H. Stern Jewelers, Inc. 

The world headquarters of H.Stern Com. & Ind., S.A. is located in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. The street address is Rua Garcia D´Ávila, 113 - CEP 22421-010,  Ipanema,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The telelphone number is: 55-21-2259-7442. 
Please remember that this is solely the Website of H.Stern Jewelers, Inc.
and not of H.Stern Com. & Ind., S.A. or any other affiliate. 
To visit the Website of H.Stern Com. & Ind., S.A., go to: www.hstern.com.br

Where can I find H.Stern retail stores?

To find a complete list of the retail store locations of H.Stern within the fifty U.S.
states and the District of Columbia and for a list of international store locations
and service agents, please visit the "stores and service agents" area of this site.

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